Services Provided by CREATEC

CREATEC Civil Engineering and Consultants Co., Ltd. provides various consulting services to meet clients’ needs. Please click the image below for details.

Structural/Geotechnical Analysis

Structural/Geotechnical Analysis

By utilizing advanced technology and software, CREATEC provides high-precision simulation results brought by the parameter setting and optimum modeling based on proper engineering judgment.


Civil Engineering Design

Design of Civil Engineering

CREATEC aim to be experienced and creative engineers, not those who only know every detail written in a handbook.




CREATEC provides research, analysis and translation services for construction technology and various areas.


Software Sales (midas Civil/GTS/FEA)

Software Sales

Are you looking for software that enables advanced analyses with simple operations?
Do you want to actively utilize an analysis as an accessible tool?
If so, please consider MIDAS products as your option.